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Instructions for Paying Online: Our SQUARE Deal.

Welcome to the new option for paying online! We are dedicated to making The Barking Orange experience as positive as we can for our clients. Please read this before proceeding with your order online.

1) Our online “store” is through SQUARE. You are encouraged to create a profile through SQUARE, but it is not required and you may check out as a “guest”.

2) Our Online Option is for daycare clients only. Dogs must go through our screening process before being admitted to daycare. Only after going through our interview process may you use our online paying service. Dogs attending our Training Classes are allowed to purchase their class (without being admitted to daycare) online. Friends and Family looking to purchase days and packages for our daycare clients are welcome to use the online pay option any time.

3) SQUARE requires that we choose either a “pick up in store” or “shipping option” in order to use an online pay option. Since daycare is a service, we don’t fall into either category so we have selected the “pick up in store” option. This only means we will process your order the day it is received online.

4) Payment is always due on the day of service. Please use our online pay option while your dog is in attendance that day for daycare. If you are looking to purchase days/packages for future dates, please be sure you email or call ahead and confirm with Sara or Sam.

5) Package purchases online MUST be purchased at the time your package is up, or in advance. We do not allow package purchases made after they are past due.

6) At check out, there is an option to send a note to us. Please put your dogs name (along with your last name) to ensure we know it’s your order.

7) Please make sure you do not include a tip while purchasing daycare or package items using SQUARE. (It is an option on SQUARE’s program, but please don’t check it). While we always appreciate tips, they are not necessary. Ensure your check out total is correct before confirming your order.

8) All sales are final, and there are no refunds. Packages expire 1 year after the purchase date. In the event you purchase the wrong item for your dog, please notify us immediately (and we will do the same) and we will correct the order.

9) SQUARE only allows you to purchase online during our business hours. Online pay ends at 6:25 pm, M-F.

Happy Online Purchasing! And, as always, The Barking Orange appreciates your trust and your business.
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