You have questions? We have answers!

Q: What’s required for daycare?
A: All dogs must be up to date with shots (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella- “Kennel Cough”), spayed or neutered (unless under the age of 6 months), and pass our temperament test. We will interview your dog prior to it being accepted to daycare to ensure there is no aggression. There is also an application (information about your dog) that is available on our website and required at the interview. Call or email us to set up your interview.

photo (1)Q:  Do you offer grooming?

A: Sure do! Grooming is by appt only and includes a bath, brush, haircut, ear cleaning and nail trim. Prices are breed specific and are subject to change due to matting, temperment, etc. Our groomer Linda has over 10 years of experience grooming dogs and does a wonderful job! Give us a call to make an appointment.



Q:  What about Training?
A: Yes! We offer a variety training classes designed to meet all of your current training needs. We offer Beginner Obedience and Advanced Beginner, Agility for Fun and Agility II. Classes typically run every 2 months are are 5 weeks long each. Contact us to have us help you choose the class that is right for you. More information on our training programs can be found here.



Q:  Can I watch my dog while I am at work?
A: YES! Our webcam is like daily from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. You can watch the webcam from our website or on your smart phone! But don’t let your boss catch you watching the webcam. They’ll become addicted to watching just like you!


Q: Fresh Water? Treats? Meals?
A: Yes, Yes and Yes! Fresh Water is always available and changed frequently. We use treats to get them to obey and will certainly abide by any restrictions or special instructions you give us. Meals are not a problem. We’re happy to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (just as long as you bring in their food for them).


Q: Who works here and will my dog always be supervised?
A: Dogs are our passion and we love caring for them! Your best friend will never be left unattended. Our staff come from a variety of experience working with dogs at other doggy daycares and vets. There is always a member of our staff in the play area at all times. We promise to make your dog feel part of the “family”!



Q: What if my dog needs a rest?
A: We encourage the dogs to rest. Playing is FUN but it can also be tiring (for us too!). We regulate the dogs play and will give them breaks as needed. We have kennels and if we feel your dog needs extra rest or a break. We guarantee your dog will come exhausted after daycare!


Q: What’s the temperature like in there?
A: Our space is Air Conditioned!  We don’t want our pups to be too cold or too hot (neither do we)! We have good air circulation, bring dogs outside every hour, and have a robust air purification system.


maizie floor

Q: What kind of flooring will my dog be playing on?
A: We have placed special rubber flooring down in the play area that is specifically designed for dog kennels. Don’t worry- no paws on the concrete! It’s good on their joints and nice on our feet! And it’s wicked easy to clean!


Q:  What about Fresh Air?
A: We have an outdoor area that our dogs frequent throughout the day. And yes, we will even take them outside when it’s 10 below. But don’t worry, we’ll make it quick. Our outdoor play area consists of two separate areas and is artificial turf!


Q:  What if my dog has an “accident” while playing?
A: This is an indoor dog park so every dog will mark in the daycare room. Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. We will clean up right after the “accident” with a solution used in vets and hospitals that help prevent the spread of disease and kill bacteria on contact. We also clean the facility daily and give it a thorough scrub down weekly.  We also use green, pet friendly products as much as possible and use a special sanitizer at the end of the night that is used by vets.


Q: Do you board dogs?
A: At this time, we do not board dogs overnight.