39 thoughts on “Webcam!

  • Very nice to be able to see my girl having fun!!! Thanks!

  • Awesome!! So cool to watch the pups play and hear you guys live! I feel like I’m spying, hehe. Wish Luna could be there, looks like the dogs get a lot of attention!
    Nice job!
    Kate from AZ

  • It’s great that we can see Lily from here in Virginia !

  • Great to see my lil man!!

  • I’d love to have picked this as a career! Love dogs! But just have 3 cats now at this stage of my life.

  • This webcam is awesome and the guys are great with the animals It’s my dog’s first day and i am 100 percent it will not be his last I see he’s happy to be there.

  • Omg, so funny!! Jada looks like she’s having a great time!

  • Love that I can see this!! Thanks for the shout out – Guinness looks like he’s having a ball!!

  • Guinness is beautiful. I’m sure he is having a great time.
    Neat that I can watch this from Cincinnati!

  • It’s Hanna’s first day, and it looks like she’s having a great time!!!!! I am watching the web cam way too much today ; )

  • Hi Sam, Barker and Jasper– watching from Naples—-

  • I love seeing my big bear playing with everyone! Have fun Hoop!

  • This has slowed down productivity at work today to a crawl. Thank you for my co-workers entertainment.

  • YAY!!! Thanks for holding Dobby up to the camera :) I hope he is enjoying his first day!

  • Watching our Grand-dog Miss Lily, and her friends , from Bermuda! Everyone is having a great day ! :-)


  • Napping! He’s exhausted from yesterday!

  • I would not be able to stay off here if my dog were on the cam! LOL

  • Oh Geez………….Dobby is messing with the bigger dogs and getting them in trouble. PERRY!

  • Hey Barking Orange, would you consider accepting a mild mannered Tibetan Mastiff?

  • Give us a call and we can talk about it! We could certainly interview him. 315-314-6767

  • Dobby looks like he is having a blast with Quincy again!

  • Is Bailey just following the people around with the treats? haha

  • Sam….it is easier to see the dogs if you don’t stand right in front of the webcam….silly boy!!! LOL!!! Love checking out the dogs on the webcam, they all look so calm!!

  • Whats the app for being able to watch it on your iphone?

  • Christina,
    The app is Stickam on the iPhone. Search “thebarkingorange”
    It’s not working at the moment, but I’ve gotten it to work in the past!

  • hi, mazie you’re aunt kim is watching u, have fun!!!

  • Hi Mazie r u being good?? looks like you are having fun, hey how come you don’t drive those people crazy with a ball? youre aunt kimmy……

  • All the dogs want to get onto Sam’s lap. I’m thinking, Sam needs a bigger lap LOL :)

  • I like how this is setup. I was so nervous to leave her behind the first day and about half as nervous the second. I checked in and seen she was wagging her tail and enjoying her time so it made me feel much better!

  • Tucker is having so much fun playing with other dogs! He always comes home exhausted and happy!

  • For some reason, it won’t open up today. Not on here or when I click to open it on USTREAM.

  • What is the orange thing they are wearing?

  • <3 my little guy loves it there

  • The Barking Orange is a fantastic dog day care center. All of the attendants are so good with the dogs. They know when to intervene when the dogs are behaving inappropriately and when to allow the dogs to be dogs and have fun. Thanks to all the staff.

  • I love being able to check on my sweet Gerti Girl while I am in class. It is always so reassuring to see she is constantly having a great time playing with the other dogs. We couldn’t be happier with the Barking Orange- I don’t worry about her at all! Thank you!

  • I love watching my grand-furbaby Chunk. He really loves going to daycare and I love watching him interact with all of the other dogs. Love this website!!!

  • I love watching my little Libbe make friends with the other dogs. She loves going to doggie daycare!!! Love the webcam!

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