Thank you for your interest in our grooming services. We offer Grooming Monday-Friday, by appointment only. Please call us at 315.314.6767 to make an appt.

We offer bathing services, nail trims and haircuts. Our groomer Linda Wilson has been grooming professionally for over 15 years and has been with us for 9 years. Please note we are not accepting any new larger breeds or doodles at this time. Our grooming services includes: 

• Nail trims
• Baths/Deshedding
• Haircuts

Please be advised we have updated our Grooming policies in 2023. In addition to requiring the Rabies vaccine, we are requiring your most recent statement for your most recent vet visit. An established vet is now a requirement for grooming. In order to maintain your client status with us as a grooming client, if there is more than 3 months between appointments (for dogs who require haircuts) we may refuse service.