We offer a daily and half day rates as well as a variety of pre-paid packages. Payment is due on the day of service. All prices include sales tax and are final. Refunds are not distributed. Packages expire one year after purchase date. Rates are subject to change at any time. Rates include tax.
A late fee may be charged up to $5/minute for every minute your dog is here past 6:30pm.

Purchase Online here: https://the-barking-orange.square.site/ 


Full Day: $30.25
Half Day (5 hours max- all dogs must be in daycare by 9am): $20
2 Dog Full Day Rate: $50
2 Dog Half Day Rate: $35
3 Dog Full Day Rate: $67
3 Dog Half Day Rate: $45


1 Day a Week Pack (5 Visits): $149
2 Days a Week Pack (10 Visits): $290
3-5 Days a Week Pack (10 Visits): $546
20 Days Unlimited Pack (20 Visits): $583
10 Half Day Pack: $180